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There are BILLIONS in wasted ad spend every single year. Roughly 16 billion dollars to be exact. Turn your ad campaigns into profit machines. LeadKea’s groundbreaking Identity Resolution technology can take your conversion rates from average to exceptional in as little as a day. Tired of losing revenue because your conversion rates are low? Identity resolution can help. By cross-referencing data from a variety of sources, LeadKea is able to identify anonymous visitors and track them across the web. This allows you to retarget them with ads and offer emails, ultimately closing the sale and increasing your revenue.

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Why Leadkea's ID Resolution & Remarketing Solutions?

Without being too technical, there is something called an Identity Graph which is essentially a massive source of data on billions of people. If you have a cookie captured on a website, then cross-reference that to an Identity Graph – you can actually resolve that person’s identity.

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