Printing Company Local SEO Case Study

The Journey & Triumph of King Kong Printing: A Local Printing Company GMB & Local SEO Success Story


Located In Matawan, New Jersey, the most well-known printing company, King Kong Printing, found itself wanting to grow aggressively. Our initial encounter revealed a landscape teeming with challenges yet brimming with untapped opportunities. Despite their sterling reputation through word of mouth, their online presence was never touched or built after all 30+ years in business. This put them at the bottom of the listings on Google which did not match their already great reputation amongst the current clients that trust them. It was time to take the company to next level.

Client Background

Business Name: King Kong Printing
Industry: Printing Company 
Location: Matawan, New Jersey


No Online Presence

A renowned name, yet no online visibility. Their place in search results? Non-existent.

Website Inefficiencies

With a website from the 90s, their site was a place to just check products that they offered, nothing more. It affected the user experience and server-side SEO potential.

NAP Inconsistencies

Critical details like Name, Address, Phone number, and website showed discrepancies across platforms, casting shadows of doubt in the eyes of potential clients and Google.


GMB (Google My Business) Strategies:

Local SEO Tactics:


Deteriorating Online Presence

A renowned name, yet dwindling online visibility. Their place in search results? Virtually non-existent.


With our GMB strategies, their engagement soared by 45%, turning curious clicks into confirmed clients.


Thanks to our website and SEO interventions, a staggering 60% rise in organic traffic.


Habitation Investigation’s journey is a testament to effective, targeted digital marketing strategies. From the shadows of online anonymity to the spotlight of Columbus’s home inspection scene, their transformation is a narrative of ambition, resilience, and expert execution. 

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