10 Marketing Tips To Grow A Water Damage Business In 2021

In water damage marketing, you can do a number of things to help your water damage company grow. From social media and search engine optimization to establishing yourself as an authority in the field, this post will offer ten helpful water damage marketing strategies that have been proven successful for other restoration companies!

So If you are looking to attract water damage leads, this article is the perfect place for you! I will give you ten water-damage marketing tips and tricks to help get your water damage business booming.

Tip 1: Choosing The Right Brand Name

In any business choosing a catchy brand name that is easy to remember is critical as it’s likely that this will be the first thing prospects will encounter. And the water damage restoration industry is no exception to this rule. Choosing a brand name can be done by brainstorming different phrases related to water damage, such as “Dry Out the Flood” or “Water Damage Gone.”

Having a keyword in your brand related to your offer’s services can help potential customers identify what your business is about. When picking out brand names, a quick note is to do a quick search on Google domains and GoDaddy to ensure a matching domain is available.

Tips For Choosing A Brand Name:

  1. Make sure the domain is available before you buy it 
  2. Pick a name that’s easy to spell and pronounce
  3. Research other businesses with similar names to see how they’re doing and see where you can do better  

Once you have these items in order, be sure to hire a graphic designer to create an eye-catching logo and other marketing materials for potential clients.

Tip 2: Create A User-Friendly Website

Having a website is essential to just about any business out there. But when it comes to water damage, you want your website to be user-friendly. You don’t need all the bells and whistles that are typically found on websites – instead, focus on developing a site that is clear, concise, clean looking, and easy for visitors to navigate.

Some Tips For Creating A Clear Website:

  1. Create a user-friendly website by using simple language and short sentences 
  2. Use clear headings to break up your content into smaller chunks that are easier to read 
  3. Make sure your site is responsive so it will look good on any device, including laptops, tablets, and phones 
  4. Include live chat or phone number for customer service in case the visitor needs help with anything
  5. Make sure your content is original or has been appropriately sourced
  6. Make sure to include contact information on every page 
  7. Include a location map for customers to find you 
  8. Be clear about what services you offer and how much they cost
  9. Add pictures of any work that your company did so potential customers can see what they will be getting if they hire your company
  10. Include testimonials from satisfied customers on the homepage of your site  

Tip 3: Use SEO to drive traffic to your website

You may even want to consult with an SEO expert to ensure your website uses SEO best practices. SEO can dramatically help search engines easily find you whenever potential water damage customers in your areas are looking for water removal companies.

Top 3 SEO Keywords For Water Damage Companies:

  1. “Water Damage Restoration” 
  2. “Water Damage Services” 
  3. “Water Removal Services” 

Keep in mind that having your website optimized by a professional SEO may cost you some money, but it can yield a high ROI for years to come if executed correctly.

Tip 3: Create an Offer Your Customers Can’t Resist

This could be a 24/7 water damage emergency service, water extraction and drying process for the basement or crawl space, or free inspections to see if there is any water damage or mold contamination in the home’s structure.

The main key here is to offer something that will make them want to do business with your brand over your competitors!

  1. Make your offer irresistible 
  2. Offer a free home inspection to assess the water damage 
  3. Provide a guarantee on the quality of your product or service
  4. Make this offer the first thing your visitors see on your website

Give customers an incentive to purchase now and not wait until later.

Tip 4: Sign Up and Create a Google My Business Profile

A Google My Business profile is an important way to ensure potential customers can find your company no matter what type of device they’re using, whether it’s on their phone or desktop computer.

It also allows people who search online for water damage companies specifically to see all available listings across many different websites at once without having to go through each one individually!

This is also one of the most important places to collect customers’ reviews and testimonials since water damage is often a one-time job, and after it’s done, you might never see that customer again.

More and more people trust Google reviews than all the other search engines and directories combined.

Tip 5: Sign Up For Directory Sites Like Yelp, Porch, and Thumbtack

Sites like Yelp, Thumbtack, and Porch can be a great tool for water damage companies to get found online.

A water damage company can create a profile with photos, videos, and more information about the business to attract water damage leads from these directory sites.

These directories are also extremely important because they have rating systems like stars that people can use when reviewing your service on their site!

The higher the number of reviews you receive means more customers trust your water-damage services, which is why it’s so important to take advantage of this type of opportunity.

Tip 6: Join Local Business Networking Groups

Joining Business Networking groups can be a great way to get your Water Damage business off the ground. This is because water damage services are a niche business, and people might not know about your company.

To get customers for this type of service, you have to reach out to these networking groups because they’re typically very close-knit communities that will be more than happy to help you with referrals!

Tip 7: Create Relationships With Other Local Businesses

Another great option can be to reach out to other local businesses that are likely to do business with your target customer. Real Estate agents can be a great place to start, as these agents often purchase water-damaged properties.

Home Inspection companies can be another great option because water-damaged homes can lead to structural damage that will not be seen until the home is inspected.

Lastly, Insurance Agents can be yet another great place to network for referrals as well.

Tip 8: Use Google Adwords To Get Water Damage Leads

As mentioned earlier, more users trust Google more than any other search engine, and water damage is a very common subject to be searched as well. Google Adwords can be an excellent way to grab water-damaged leads in your area!

This platform from Google allows you to target specific geographical locations and search terms relevant to your business. We at Leadkea recommend this because it is the most affordable and target approach for running paid ads for Water Damage Restoration companies.

Tip 9: Connect With Your Local Community

This water damage marketing tip is relevant to water damage companies and any business that needs customers! One of the best ways to advertise your water-damage service and products in a more personal way is by speaking at local events like community meetings.

You can also sign up for local charity drives and fundraiser events. This water damage marketing tip is pertinent because it creates a personal connection with the community and can easily get the word out about your business.

Tip 10: Stay Active On Social Media

These days it’s important that every business maintain an active social media profile. Sharing and posting relevant content regularly will ensure that water damage leads notice you.

Be sure to post before and after pictures of water-damage repair jobs, helpful water damage tips, and tricks that you know will help people avoid water damages in the future. Additionally, post pictures of happy customers and any testimonies to build trust with your following.

These pieces of content are sure to generate interest with water damage leads who want to learn more about your business. However, be mindful not to post too often as it can come off a bit spammy to your followers.


Marketing your water damage restoration business is crucial for success in the coming years. With that said, it can be difficult to know where to start if you’re not a marketing expert or have never run a successful online campaign before.

Leadkea has an experienced team of ready and waiting experts with ten powerful tips on how to grow your company online in 2021. If you want help creating a stellar SEO or digital marketing plan today, book a call with one of our professionals! We’ll provide helpful strategies and insights into what will work best for your brand as we go through each tip together.

Which of these do you feel like implementing first?

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