Stairlift Installation Company: Local SEO Case Study

Building a Market Leader, Southern Stairlifts: A Stairlift Installation Company GMB & Local SEO Success Story


Southern Stairlifts started out in Charleston, SC and now dominates in six states but before we arrived to this point, a lot had to be done. Southern Stairlifts, found itself in a dilemma. Our first meeting unveiled the greatest fear of local SEO companies while also presenting numerous unexplored possibilities. Despite being in business for many years and helping families all around the South Carolina, their online presence had waned, casting a shadow on their once-promising partnership with As months stretched into years, the cracks in the foundation became glaringly apparent, leaving us with no option but to start from scratch.

Stairlift Installer
(Greenville, SC Location)

Stairlift company
(Greenville, SC Location)

Stairlift Installer
(Knoxville, TN Location)

Stairlift company
(Knoxville, TN Location)

Stairlift Installer
(Indianapolis, IN Location)

Stairlift Installer
(Indianapolis, IN Location)

Client Background

Business Name: Southern Stairlifts
Industry: Stairlift Installation, repair, and maintenance 
Location: Greenville, SC


Deteriorating Online Presence

A renowned brand, but its online presence is fading fast. Its position in search results? Almost non-existent.

Website Inefficiencies

With a site built on there were many limitations, the site was almost broken and all features to make the necessary optimizations were not available. Not to mention the terrible user experience and limited server-side SEO.

NAP Inconsistencies

Vital information, including the name, address, phone number, and website showcased disparities across multiple platforms, instilling uncertainty in both potential clients and Google.


GMB (Google My Business) Strategies:

Local SEO Tactics:


Prominent Online Presence

We revamped their online presence in South Carolina and greatly enhanced website visibility by employing strategic optimization techniques and customized marketing strategies.


With our GMB strategies, their engagement soared 50-100% for views, calls and clicks.


Thanks to our website and SEO interventions, organic traffic went up over 100%.


The story of Southern Stairlift’s journey stands as proof of the power of precise, focused digital marketing strategies. Moving from the obscurity of online anonymity to the forefront in numerous markets, their transformation embodies a tale of ambition, resilience, and expert execution.


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